Product development

Product Development & Formulation Services

We are passionate about creating cosmetics and household products, and work closely with our clients to design products that are bespoke, innovative and are carefully crafted to a high standard. This includes rigorous in-house testing on the product’s stability and performance to ensure that they are effective, safe and compliant with the global regulations. So, whether you are looking to create or test skincare, cosmetics, personal care, household, detergent, dish wash, Caucasian haircare, ethnic haircare or household products we can help. With our proven industry experience we can expertly take you through the many development stages.

So, what can you expect from working with Here2Grow?

The process involves the following key steps:


Step 1. We support you to design your Product Development Brief

We take time to listen, to understand your objectives, pricing, compliance and time-scale requirements.

You can submit a Product Development Brief to us to ensure that the desired key ingredients, raw materials, aesthetic attributes and performance parameters are captured.

A benchmark product may also be submitted.


Step 2. Our experts provide a review of your Product Development Brief

We will initially evaluate the regulatory compliance of the product to ensure the correct selection of ingredients.

We investigate what type of packaging will be most suitable for the product.

We consider the best formula or base formulation to create the product.


Step 3. Here2Grow's Innovation team will create feasible prototypes for you

We perform feasibility and accelerated studies and submit initial prototypes to obtain your feedback, until you are satisfied with the product.




Step 4. We use our in-house, state of the art facilities to perform robust product testing

We will guide you through the process for microbiology and physico-chemical stability testing with a view to ensuring that the safety and physical integrity of the product is maintained throughout the product development cycle.

Testing will be performed in original packaging if required.


Step 5. We provide scale-up support to seamlessly transition your product into manufacturing

We can assist you with transitioning into the manufacturing process if needed. A manufacturing process will be developed for your bespoke formulation and if required, we will recommend the appropriate manufacturer to suit your minimum batch size.


Product Development Brief

To request a Product Development, please download our Product Development Brief by clicking the download link below and sending your completed brief to