Having the ability to solve increasingly complex material and formulation problems for their clients, has led to leading product development specialist, Here2Grow, recently investing nearly £60k in new technical equipment for their state-of-the art, Yorkshire-based R&D laboratory. Their purchases include a ReactoMate Datum combined with a Julabo Circulator, and a HAAKE™ MARS™ iQ Rotational Rheometer.

Here2Grow, who last year won the Cosmetics Development Specialist of the Year – UK, in the Innovation & Excellence Awards run by Corporate LiveWire, provide bespoke formulation services, to enable their clients to fully optimise their product development aspirations. The company assists with innovative ideation, development and manufacturing of products and has a growing portfolio in personal care, homecare, detergents, dish wash technology and green technologies.

The ReactoMate Datum is a compact benchtop Controlled Lab Reactor (CLR) system from laboratory equipment supplier, Asynt,that offers the flexibility to accommodate reaction vessels from 100ml to 5 litres. Looking to be able to control temperatures and mixing processes in a repeatable manner, the Datum provides Here2Grow with additional capabilities for mixing gels and structured liquids, within a temperature range of -20°C to 145°C when linked directly to their Julabo Circulator, which in turn ensures accurate solution temperature control.

“One of our clients required relatively complex modifications and adjustments in the product development. By using the Datum and working with Asynt, we were able to achieve the desired outcome. The equipment is simple to set-up, easy to use and reconfigure, saving us valuable time and money,” said Here2Grow’s CEO, Dr Henry Brew.

With rheology being a pivotal part of formulations and material science, Here2Grow’s additional investment in a MARS iQ AIR Rheometer by Thermo Fisher, made perfect sense. Having the ability to measure the way in which a liquid or suspension flows in response to applied forces, as well as perform texture analysis, has provided Here2Grow with a variety of new testing methodologies that goes beyond those that can be measured by a simple viscometer.

Dr Brew added: “By using the MARS iQ AIR Rheometer, we are now able to assist clients to generate physico-chemical properties of

 their new materials in different liquid phases. Rheology is critical to this data as it translates into the physical performance and attributes of the tested material.”

For more information on Here2Grow’s contract formulation services visit www.here2grow.com, call +44 (0) 1757 616230, or email info@here2grow.com.