Our Sustainability Work



The Current Crisis Facing Water Resources

The use of renewable water resources has grown six-fold due to the world’s population tripling in the 20th century.

The lack of drinking water will become even more severe due to an expected further increase of the world population by another 40% to 50%. Furthermore, industrialisation and urbanisation will increase in the world.

Our Activities to Date

For us, water is not just an important ingredient in our cosmetics and household formulations but it is vital for communities in the developing world, in their everyday lives. We want to help communities in the developing world have safe, clean drinking water and sanitation. We have been addressing this by consciously working to tackle these issues in parts of Africa and have created a strong consortium together with global partners in Ghana, Uganda and Malawi. Our international partners includes:

  • Fraunhofer Society – Germany
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology KNUST – Ghana
  • Gulu University – Uganda
  • Huddersfield University – UK
  • Institute for Nuclear Chemistry and Technology – Poland
  • University of Molise – Italy

Our objective is to work with local communities and facilitate two-way capacity building with the view to develop relevant water purification technologies with our local partners.

Further updates to follow…